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The Mid-Morning Dump: Jordan Was Kind of a Dick

The Last Dance is almost over, which makes us all sad

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RANDY HAS POWER RANKINGS. Thank you, Uncle Randy, for providing light in these dark times.

INTERVIEW WITH TANNER WEATHERMAN. Pretty self explanatory really.

TROUBLE IN CANADA. Will the US have issues restarting sports across the border?

SOCCER EVENT DELAYED. I don’t understand any of the cups soccer has but here is some information about a thing they do.

DON SHULA HAS DIED. The iconic Miami Dolphins coach was 90 years old.

WHATS NEXT FOR AARON RODGERS? Not being a dick to his family would be a good place to go, you’d think. Anyways. Here’s the article.

CAM NEWTON FIND A JOB? Or has the NFL given up on this often injured star?

TONI KUKOC REKT. Michael Jordan convinced the Dream Team to torment a kid he had never even met, pretty cool move.

REPUBLICANS BUY SNEAKERS TOO. Jordan did not want to be a political activist, and if he didn’t want to be one, then that’s his decision.

JORDAN WAS BORN A GAMBLINNNN MAN. Who can knock a rich, competitive guy for wanting to bet on himself?