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The Mid-Morning Dump: Meme’d

Me v. John Michael Wozniack

SYRA-CLOSE MISS Iowa State DE target, Hayden Nelson, chose the Orange over Iowa State via Twitter.

V ORIGINAL V COOL The Hawks came up with this great idea on their own! Anyways, here’s a video of John Walters doing this exact same thing weeks ago. Little brother energy is strong with this one.

MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU Whether you prefer Mel Brooks or George Lucas, May 4th is a holiday for Star Wars nerds worldwide. Speaking of, here’s why Texas is Darth Vader.

A BATTLE OF THE MEMES Matthias was unhappy with the Cyclone twitter shotgun showing, so he made his own. In the process, I became a meme.

A BATTLE OF THE MEMES PART 2 In the other corner, Michael John Wozniack. Shrugging on MJ while beating him in a quarter throwing competition in this week’s episode of The Last Dance. Legend.

THE KOREAN PASTIME American baseball may be on hold, but the KBO is coming to a TV near you. Do your research, because sports betting is soooo back.

BEAST MODE The Sultan of Skittles could be making his return to Seattle via SVP.

BE LIKE MIKE MJ Mania is at its peak... well since trying to find a successor. Any athletic shooting guard was given that daunting comparison for years. Here’s a look at the next MJ’s.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK In honor of OutKast being part of my most liked tweet ever, I’ve dedicated this throwback to the best rap group of all time. Throw yo’ hands in the ay’er.