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The Mid-Morning Dump: Another Thursday Closer To Sports

Another week almost down, another week (hopefully) closer to sports being back.

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LET THE BELLS RING — Chase Allen had a big announcement for Cyclone Nation.

IS THIS GOOD? Xavier Foster finished in the top 100 for 247’s rankings.

WHO HAS MORE SOUL THAN SOME NIKE AIRS? Naz Mitrou-Long, well known sneaker geek talks about his collection of kicks.

MOTIVATION IS THE ONLY OPTION. Former Cyclone, Abdel Nader is not only finding his role in the NBA, but also doing so with some strong drive.

GOD BLESS THESE GAINS. Take a look at the football teams strength and condition staff:

I WISH YOU WELL IN THE WARS TO COME. Game of Zones is coming to an end, and that’s a bummer. Here’s last weeks episode to catch up. (It’s better than game of Thrones, I promise.)

AMERICANS ABROAD. The shutdown of the U.S. did not just impact basketball players here — Here’s a look at players overseas and the effects it had.

HEARTLAND OF THE NATION. Don’t feel sorry for Sioux Falls — Their G-League team won’t won’t kill the NCAA, despite their Elite-ness.

LOCKDOWN DEFENSE (on a sickness) — Could the U.S.’s response to the Covid Virus dissuade Euros from playing in the NBA?