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The Mid-Morning Dump: NFL Schedules Released

Now you’ll be able to see which week your team is going to beat the Bears.

REMEMBERING BETTER DAYS A couple of our beloved Cyclones re-watched an memorable victory.

PURDY DRAFT HYPE AND MUCH MORE Brock Purdy will be an NFL QB in the future, and eventually we’re gonna need to know who could replace him.

A ROLLER COASTER OF A YEAR Iowa State had an interesting year in sports to say the least. This is how each sports season ended up.

A MAN CAN DREAM Odds and opinions have been released for next years Big 12 Championship game, as well as where you should put your money at.

THE NFL SEASON GROWS CLOSER Now lets all collectively incorrectly predict how our favorite teams will perform.

IT’S GONNA BE A FUN ONE There is going to be an absurd amount of great QB duels going on this year.

Which ones do you look forward to the most?

HIS AIRNESS One of my favorite basketball players of all time shared his opinion about one of the greatest to ever play the game.

WHAT TO EXPECT This will undoubtedly be one of the strangest NFL seasons in years, and The Ringer broke down what we’ll see in the future.