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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fight Island is Real

Is it really?

THROWBACK VIDEO O’ THE DAY He was in Ames for just one season, but it was one heck of a season.

SO IT BEGINS The Cyclones 2020 football class began to arrive on campus Tuesday.

I AM FAR TOO EXCITED The best offense in the Big 12 is gaining more steam as a legit team nationwide.

FIGHT ISLAND Dana White announced the details of UFC’s fight island, which will be taking place on Yas Island a place that has already hosted two UFC events.

LIVE SPORTS Top Rank boxing returned Tuesday night, as top prospect Shakur Stevenson headlined the event.

GIVE HIM THE HEISMAN USC is planning to now recognize Reggie Bush as one of their own, now they just need to give him his Heisman back.

MLB DRAFT The *Houston Astros will be without their first round pick for Wednesday first round of the MLB Draft.

GONE FISHIN’ The GOAT caught a large fish.