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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Preseason hype train continues for Cyclone football.

AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE Cyclone football is boasting talent from every direction.

TIGHT END U Charlie Kolar WAS our best kept secret but that’s certain to change with even more preseason praise.

MAKING HISTORY ISU Softballs Sami Williams achieved something never been done before in the program.

SPIKE SET BUMP Iowa State volleyball can count on another successful season with lots of young talent.

ANOTHER ONE 2k Sports continues to up their graphics, AKA add more sweat to the players than is humanly possible.

JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN SOON Major league sports are planning their returns in all of their own ways.

COULD IT BE? The odds of Colin Kaepernick getting signed continue to rise, but it almost happened a couple years ago.

NIKOLA JOKIC BUT MAKE IT SMALLER The All Star center seems to have shaved off a few pounds during the pandemic.