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The Litecast: Weekend Edition

Mowing the lawn? Doing absolutely nothing? Smoking some meat? Either way, check out this podcast.

Happy weekend to you all!

We decided to record a little bit of a different version of the Litecast for your weekend listening pleasure.

CYHusker, Ryan, and Austin were joined by Matt, an avid sports fan from the land of the Cornhuskers, to help engage in some awesome conversations about Fred Hoiberg, the Husker fan mentality, and to share some insight on Nebraska’s place in the Big 10 vs its role in the Big 12.

Additionally, the return of the NBA season was discussed, including title odds for each team and a discussion on which sleeper teams may have a shot of knocking off the favorites in both the East and West.

The crew also briefly discussed the goings-on in Iowa City and across college football, and wondered aloud at where the conversation goes from its current state.

Thanks for listening!