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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Burgermeister Wins Charles Schwab Challenge

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Bryson DeHAMbeau gave him a tough fight


EXPERIENCE HELPS THE ‘CLONES? Uncle Randy thinks having returning football starters gives the Cyclones a COVID advantage.

COVID ON CAMPUS. 10 Iowa State student athletes tested positive for Covid-19.

DAVID CARR SPEAKS. Check out this insightful interview with ISU wrestling standout David Carr.

A BERGER WITH A SIDE OF CASH. Daniel Berger won the Charles Schwab Challenge on in a playoff on Sunday.

PGA TOUR GRADE. Golf is back, but the world is wondering how they did?

MARK IS WELCOME, SAMMY IS NOT. The Cubs really don’t like Sammy Sosa, do they?

BLM MOVEMENT > NBA SEASON? While some players feel strongly that the movement is more important (and the NBA season should be cancelled), not all players agree.

INSIDE THE BUBBLE. Ever wondered what a sports bubble actually feels like?

COMMISSIONER ROUND-TABLE. ESPN is getting league commissioners together to discuss resuming sports.

FALL SPORTS UPDATE. Check out this article on what college sports might look like this fall.

YANKEES STOLE SIGNS TOO. A recently un-sealed letter shows that the Yankees stole signs, and Rob Manfred covered it up.

AND THE ASTROS LOVE IT. Nothing wrong with a little smack talk.

WILL THERE BE BASEBALL? Short answer: probably not.