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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tough Sailing in Stillwater

Things got a little choppy at OK State yesterday

ROW THE BOTH Utah transfer and Minnesota native Both Gach verbally committed to Minnesota yesterday, Iowa State was in the running.

QB “4” Apparently, an FCS QB has already eclipsed Brock Purdy as the 3rd best QB in the nation. Time will tell.

Anyways, here’s this.

CHUBA v GUNDY A tale in two tweets.

HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 Pete Carroll’s comments last week, and now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says I “encourage” a team to sign him.

FIGURE IT OUT Another day of summer, another day of no baseball. America’s pastime is running out of time if they want to have a season. Here’s a doomsday forecast of baseball.

THIS WAS THE XFL Here’s a look at the ascension and collapse of the XFL 2.0.

TO PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY? Kyrie Irving has been put at the forefront of the NBA’s decision to resume basketball in late July. Irving, and other players, expressed their concerns last Friday.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, here’s Hip-Hop’s daddy. Big Daddy Kane, Smooth Operator.