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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kyrie Irving is a Maniac

He has to be joking at this point.

THROWBACK VIDEO O’ THE DAY A man who played for something much bigger than the sport of football.

ALL ABOARD David Montgomery’s bandwagon is about to leave the station, as he was awarded the Chicago Bears’ Brian Piccolo Award.

DOLLA’ BILLS While the problems keep growing, Iowa AD’s Gary Barta’s pockets are dwindling (not really).

ACTIONS NOT WORDS The Brocket ship is gearing up for a remarkable junior season.

NOT AGAIN Kyrie Irving is once again making blasphemous statements.

NBA RESTART If/when the NBA comes back it will be looking a whole lot different.

BASEBALL IS NEVER COMING BACK Rob Manfred is an idiot.

11 RINGS Bill Russell dunked on Kendrick Perkins on Twitter.

FOOTY The English Premier League returns today, so lets get in the mood with some highlights of the GOAT.