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The Mid-Morning Dump: One Pokédex To Rule Them All

The Ultimate Pokédex, trade demands, and one of the best eras in Iowa State History.

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GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL Hawkeye twitter is a bit of cesspool at (all) times. Luckily enough for you we summed all of it up for you in one simple article.

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE “I wish we knew what the good old days were before you actually left them” -Andy Bernard

DESERVES THE SPOTLIGHT Jack Trice is a not only a part of Iowa State history, he’s a part of American history and deserves attention as such.

PIONEERS As per usual, the state of Iowa is setting the tone for the rest of the country to follow.

GOAT STATUS It was Georges Niangs birthday this week so here’s a tribute video of one of the greatest to ever do it for the cardinal and gold.

YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES The greatest skateboarding video game is finally making its comeback.

Middle school me is absolutely joyous.

SHAKING THINGS UP One of the best safeties in the NFL finally demanded a trade.

DOCTOR DOCTOR GIVE ME THE NEWS The NFL season is still set to resume despite the logistical problems that may come with that.

THE BEST OF THE BEST There have been plenty of great NBA teams over the past decade, but who was the best of the best?