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The Mid-Morning Dump: New Playoffs, New Me

The NBA Is Switching Up Their Playoff Format

TOP 5 Iowa State made the Utah transfer’s top 5 along with some pretty solid programs also making the list.

HARBAUGH v. CHIZIK Levi and Marchie dive into a huge ‘what if?’ on the coaching candidates available to Iowa State when we settled on Gene Chizik. Check out this week’s DNPL podcast.

LITECAST TO THE UNIVERSE Always shoot your shot kids, always.

JULY MADNESS For the first time ever, the NBA is planning on seeding teams 1-16 regardless of conference. Take a look at the latest on the NBA playoffs.

NOT SO LUCK OF THE IRISH College Gameday was planning on going wheels up, and heading to Ireland for the first week of football, then 2020 happened.

MY MAINE MAN Maine wins the 2020 football schedule graphic competition, and it’s not even close. Absolute unit.

KBO DOING OK The MLB is still at a stand still, so in the meantime, an in-depth look at their South Korean competitor.

MOVING ON The Raiders first round pick injured his thigh while helping a friend move. Stay safe out there y’all.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK West Coast rap always sounds a little better in the summertime. Here’s some Tupac positivity for these trying times.