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Wide Right ReCYcle Ep. 11: Farmaggedon Rewatch Pt. 2 (2018)

This episode has a happier ending than most.

After a two week intermission, the guys hopped back on to finish the second part of their Farmaggedon rewatch. This time they watched the 2018 comeback against Kansas State. Last episode, they rewatched the nut kick from the year before in Manhattan.

Jake and Sean both had unique game-day experiences with this game, one in the press box and the other on the interstate.

While reliving Bill Snyder’s last game, the guys talked about how important it was to knock off Snyder in his final game, while also breaking down the logistics of how it happened.

During the normal segments, there was agreement on the beauty of Iowa State’s black uniforms and a healthy debate about the player of the game.

As always, we want to thank our amazing sponsor, Es Tas Bar & Grill, for making this show happen.