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The Mid Morning Dump: I Discovered Country Music This Week

It was fine.

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SPORTS MAY BE A NO GO. Yesterday President Wintersteen released a statement about fall sports:

DOUBLE TROUBLE. Iowa State has offered top 100 point guard Tre Holloman in both football and basketball.

FACELIFT AT TRICE. Jamie Pollard remains the GOAT at facility upgrades.

AN ATTEMPT TO REENGAGE. While on the topic — Here’s a letter from the fearless leader himself on what the plans are for Iowa State sports.

HIP. HIP. HOORAY. Big birthday to my beloved Sean Shaw Jr.


CHESS MASTER. Bill Belichick has a plan, no matter the situation.

IF NO ONE SAW IT DID IT HAPPEN? The first hat trick in seven years happened in the Premier League yesterday.

NO JOKING MATTER. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had a run in with a couple wily bears a few days back. Hilarity ensued.

TRY AND ENJOY THE SUMMER. Welcome to jamrock boys and girls.