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Every Iowa State Football Game Ever: The 1890s

Iowa Agricultural College’s humble football beginnings will take them to Butte twice this decade.

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I, like most (if not all) of you, am missing sports so very much right now.

If I am able to locate newspaper recap clippings (mostly from local papers) and/or game video(Cyclones.TV means it’s on there and Replay means it’s from YouTube) easily available for these games, I will post it.

This way, we can enjoy a decade (at a time) of football with just a few short clicks. I hope you enjoy!

Winsipedia Win Percentage Line Chart:

1892 (1-0-1)

State Center - Recap.

Des Moines YMCA - Recap.

1893 (0-3)

1894 Bomb

Grinnell - Preview and Recap (maybe?).

at Cornell College - Recap (first link).


1894 (5-1)

1895 Bomb

*Fort Dodge - Recap.

at Des Moines Y

at Grinnell - Recap.

at Iowa - Recap Part One and Recap Part Two.

at Simpson

Panora - Recap.

(*at Webster City)

1895 (3-3)

at Butte Athletic Club - Everything You Might Want to Know and More.

at Northwestern - IAC Student Play by Play Part One and IAC Student Play by Play Part Two.

at Wisconsin - Chicago Tribune Recap.

at Sioux City Athletics - Recap.

at Minnesota - Recap Part One and Recap Part Two.

at Iowa - Recap.

Season Recap, features a lot of the above clippings as well as information about the players.

1896 (8-3)

*Iowa Falls

*Cornell College

at Missouri - Recap. (Postgame Controversy Part One and Postgame Controversy Part Two)

Lecture video about this controversy by Dr. Doug Biggs.

*at Des Moines Y -

at Minnesota - Game Program and Recap.

Simpson - Recap.

#Grinnell - Game Program.

at Des Moines Y - Classic Games (WRNL) Recap and Clippings. Line: 5 to 3 odds Ames would shutout Des Moines Y.

at Nebraska - Huskermax, Omaha World-Herald Recap.

&at Butte Athletic Club - WRNL Recap.

at Eldora

*at Eldora, #at Des Moines, &at Butte

1897 (3-1)

1898 X-RAY

Nebraska - Omaha World-Herald Recap and Sioux City Journal Recap.

at Minnesota - Saint Paul Globe Recap Part One, Saint Paul Globe Recap Part Two and Saint Paul Globe Recap Part Three.

at Grinnell - Recap. (Jared’s note: “Iowa has some beefy boys,” is the best sentence I’ve seen so far.)

at Iowa - Recap.

1898 (3-2)

1899 Bomb

Rush Medical - Recap. (choose Ames Intelligencer or Ames Times, or both!)

at Nebraska - Omaha World-Herald Recap and Omaha Bee Recap.

at Kansas - Recap.

at Minnesota - Preview, Recap Part One, Recap Part Two and Recap Part Three. (Jared’s note: Minnesota Captain George C. Cole fractured his skull in this game and died in March 1907 due to tuberculosis.)

Drake - Recap.

1899 (5-4-1)

1900 Bomb

at Panora - Recap.

at Cornell College - Recap.

Nebraska - Evening Times-Republican (Marshalltown) Recap Part One, Evening Times-Republican (Marshalltown) Recap Part Two, Omaha World-Herald Recap and Huskermax.

Drake game cancelled

at Simpson - Recap.

*South Dakota - Recap.

at Minnesota - Recap Part One and Recap Part Two.

at Iowa - Recap.

#Grinnell - Preview and Recap.

at Northern Iowa - Recap.

at Grinnell - Recap.

*at Sioux City; #at Des Moines