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The Mid Morning Dump: FriYAY Mode

Sports are questionable, but we’ve got all your updates and news right here.

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TOP TEN IN THE 12. Check out where Brock Purdy landed on another list of Best in the Big 12.

BIG MAN-MAN ENERGY. Three years ago the best point guard in basketball was slept on, how did Monte Morris use that to fuel himself?

TOP 5. TOP 5. Top 5.

UPDATE. Iowa States 2020 football roster including the 2020 class can be found HERE.

TWITTER VIDEO OF THE DAY. This video from Tik Tok has me big mad.

HARD PASS. Some key players are deciding to opt out of returning to Orlando for the finishing of the NBA seas, how will that impact their teams?

BAD VISUAL. The Rangers unveiled their new baseball stadium, and it is... Not great.

SOCCER CHANT. SOCCER CHANT. Twitter has led me to believe this is a very big deal.

HAPPY FRIDAY. Fire the grill up. Get some beers. I’ll bring the Waylon.