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The Mid-Morning Dump: Of Course the Patriots Signed Cam Newton

Do we still care about baseball?

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HE’S OFFICIAL. Iowa State has made the signing of Blake Hinson offical.

FLAG INFLUENCED DECISION. New signee Blake Hinson said the Mississippi flag situation did play a role in his decision to transfer. Uncle Randy thinks that should mean he gets a waiver!

NBA POINT SPREADS: BACK. That’s right, you degenerates. Here you go.

NBA POWER RANKINGS. I mean why not.

DJ GETS THE W. The Travelers Championship was claimed by Dustin Johnson on Sunday.

60 MAN ROSTER POOLS. Most MLB teams have released their player pools for the upcoming season.

BRACE YOURSELVES, POSITIVE TESTS ARE COMING. The MLB announcing rosters means that Covid tests (and positive results) are likely incoming.

SCAM NEWTON TO THE PATS. What a perfect landing spot for him, what a perfect situation for the Patriots.

JOHNNY “DONE WITH” FOOTBALL. The former Heisman winner has said that his football career is “probably in the past”. Duh.