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The Mid-Morning Dump: JR Smith, Los Angeles Laker

Sir Hennessy is back to help the King

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES’ Iowa State defensive back Keontae Jones entered the transfer portal.

FARMAGEDDON NEEDS A TROPHY No idea is a bad idea, and this series needs a damn trophy.

HEARTLAND COLLEGE SPORTS Ranked the top ten Big 12 non-conference games, and CyHawk made the list.

ALL THE KING’S MEN LeBron looking out for his own. Here’s to a summer of shirtless JR pulling up to any parade he can find.

SUPER PATRIOT Cam Newton is going to New England, guess the Dolphins will have to wait one more year till divisional glory.

FBS BS’ING Why settle for real life FBS realignment that almost decimated the Big 12, when you could theoretically decimate all of the conferences.

GAMBLIN MAN Vegas is fun, but have you ever been to Hot Springs, Arkansas?

BROOKLYN BENCH MY Brooklyn Nets are looking at a lineup without at three of their would-be starters, and two key reserves, not great.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Before Ice Cube was an actor in family friendly comedy movies, he was a pretty good rapper.