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The Mid-Morning Dump: We’re Living Through History

Pretty interestingly, the 3rd Amendment was just invoked for the first time in over 200 years.

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO Our non conference schedule isn’t the hardest we’ve ever had, here’s a good breakdown.

ONE OF THE BEST ISU basketball reminded us about one our former first round picks on TBT.

PRESEASON HYPE CONTINUES See what kind of praise Cyclone Football received in yet another set of predictions.

ERNIE DOES IT BEST Ernie Johnson put this beautifully.

W’S AND L’S With the NBA season returning there’s going to be a lot of story lines coming to a close.

JUST WOW One of the greatest highlights of all time.

WE DON’T WANT BAMA Alabama just had their football program get hit by COVID-19.

GOTTA DRAFT EM’ ALL Pokémon is a childhood favorite and the game just became a little more interesting.