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The Mid-Morning Dump: And Then There Were 22

A recap on NBA storylines, because it’s been awhile

THE MAJOR Johnny Majors died last week and although he’ll be remembered more as a legendary figure for Tennessee, Coach Majors did a lot for the Cyclones.

NEW FACES... IN THE PRESS ROOM The Des Moines Register’s, Tommy Birch, will have a new beat next fall. I’m looking forward to his future work.

GAME CENTER John Walters, the GOAT, breaks down the 2000 bowl victory against Pitt with the help of some familiar faces.

CATCH 22 NBA basketball is BACK. Like any year, most people have a good idea of who’ll be in the Finals, but ESPN cares about all 22.

CONNOR MCFAVRE It should come to no one’s surpise that Connor McGreggor has announced his retirement, again.

WHAT’S COOKIN? Dalvin Cook is demanding a contract extension before he steps on the field. So, NFL can you rework your rookie contracts so we don’t regularly have top running back sit a season out in their prime? No? Ok.

OFF SEASON IS BACK ON Some would argue the best season in the NBA is the off-season. Kevin O’Connor has all the dates and details on the summer/fall drama.

WALT DISNEY LEAGUE Here’s a rebrand if all of the NBA teams had a Disney inspired logo. The Chicago Pumba’s are one of my favorites.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK The West Coast appreciation continues. Snoop D-O double G, sippin’ on that gin and juice. NSFW