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The Mid-Morning Dump: Please Wear a Mask

If I don’t have sports soon, I might go insane.

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THROWBACK VIDEO O’ THE DAY An all-time clip from an all-time Cyclone.

JUMBO PACKAGE The best RB in the country is like the rest of us waiting to see Matt Campbell’s brilliant mind at work.

HE’S NOT WRONG The Athletic’s Max Olson has some kind words to say about the most underrated football team in the country.

THE BEST ISU’s Athletics twitter page had to jump in on the twitter trend with the best football coach in America.

TWITTER ‘PICTURE’ O’ THE DAY How is this a real picture??

GOATS GONNA’ GOAT Lionel Messi scored his 700th career goal, in a 2-2 draw vs. Atletico Madrid.

2020 IS WILD There is a rumor circulating that Disney might erase the three Star Wars sequel movies, and just restart??

COACH DUGGS My main form of “sports” entertainment will be gone for a week.

BOBBY BONILLA Deron Williams’ is no longer getting paid by the Brooklyn Nets, FIVE YEARS after he has played for them.