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The Mid Morning Dump: Cy-Hawk Game Cancelled

It’s really just another reason to crack open an early drink this Friday morning.

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WHAT GOES NEXT? With the Big 10 deciding to only play in conference opponents for the up coming season, where does this leave the rest of the country?

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE We were treated to a little blast from the past.

ALWAYS READY Matt Campbell spoke about how his Cyclones will treat the upcoming season regardless of the continuous changes.

KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY Iowa State adds the brother of Zach Peterson to the 2021 recruiting class.

JOEL GONNA JOEL I have to assume this is only the beginning of the jokes that will happen during the NBA restart.

BUT WHY? In a move that doesn’t make a ton of sense the Big 10 has made a major change for all fall sports.

I MISS YOU SO MUCH SportsCenter had to remind us on what we all miss the most.

Hot take: If EA brought back the NCAA Football series they would ruin it the same way the ruined Madden.

WHAT TO WATCH There are plenty of intriguing NBA teams and story lines going into the restart.