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LITECAST: What’s The Likelihood of Football This Fall?

This week’s Litecast tries to answer that $40 million question.

We had a lot of news to get to this week, so the guys brought Matthias Schwartzkopf (@MatthiasWRNL) back to his old stomping grounds to talk about where we are with the 2020 Iowa State football season. Find out what we think the most likely outcome is for this fall. Also discussed, is Jamie Pollard’s financial transparency smart or cynical? Which contingency outcome seems most likely? How do we feel about Iowa forfeiting this year’s CyHawk game? And how do we get Ryan to care about college football?

But that’s not all. Since Matthias was with us, naturally Austin had to ask him about Nick Foles and the Bears. We also played Shark Tank for which NBA teams to watch as a casual fan for the restart. Plus, Dylan’s Nets won’t stop giving us headlines. Lastly, this week’s Tweet Checks lead to the podcast taking an important stance on bad offensive lineman technique in viral drills. Thanks as always to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!