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The Mid Morning Dump: Happy Opening Day

We finally made it to the other side... Sports are back!

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UNANSWERED QUESTION. Outside of how to handle Covid, what is the biggest question facing Iowa State football?

PUTTIN IN WORK. The Men’s basketball team is working out again.

SECOND DATE. Four star recruit David Joplin will have a second virtual meeting with Coach Steve Prohm.

DOWN IN THE TRENCHES. Check out the work out clips of OL commit Dodge Sauser.

OPENING DAY IS UPON US. And with that said, The Ringer’s staff gave their projections of the 2020 season.

BOL BOL CAN BALL BALL. Last night the son of the late great Manute Bol had himself a GAME.

THE SONG BIRD HAS RETURNED. Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album late last night.

BACK UP THE BRINKS TRUCK. Mookie Betts and the Dodgers agree to a 12 year $365 million dollar extension.

HYPE IS AFLOAT. Mack Brown brought some much needed buzz back to UNC football, now they want to make it even louder.


Happy opening day ladies and gentlemen.