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2020 Recruit Scouting Report: Sam Rengert

The last of the 2020 offensive line recruits

We have reached our final offensive lineman of the 2020 recruiting class. Sam Regnert is a 3-star recruit from Ohio, and had offers from Cincinatti, Buffalo and West Virginia, which many believed he would choose before joining Iowa State. Let’s take a quick look at his game and how he’ll fit in Ames.


The model continues with our last offensive lineman of the 2020 class. Sam Rengert is another big-bodied offensive lineman that can get to the second level and make impact blocks. At 6-7 300 pounds, he can play either tackle spot if needed at the college level. I don’t envision him playing inside at all. He plays too high currently to play inside, and at the tackle position he can be molded in his technique.


I am going to sound like a broken record on these, but I truly believe this is one of the most complete offensive line classes for Matt Campbell, both from a view on tape and the styles all four of these lineman bring to the table. The fun thing about Rengert is that he played both offensive line and defensive line in high school. You can see on his film that he gets down the line quickly to make some tackles, showing legit quickness with his feet.It translates well playing the tackle position to get moving to the second level or being a lead blocker.

There is one swing play in his highlights where he has to stretch the block, not only moving quickly to the outside shoulder of the defensive end, but beating the end to the spot. He does this all in a matter of three steps. This is really fun to see for a lineman coming out of high school.

Watching him on film gave me a vision. I don’t necessarily think it will happen considering the value of offensive lineman, but Rengert has a bit of Dylan Soehner in him. Tall and around 300 pounds. He moves quick like a tight end would off the ball. I would say he isn’t a typical 300 pound offensive tackle, and it gives me a vision of him maybe playing some tight end if Matt Campbell wanted to do so. Only pressing issue is the fact he probably has never caught a pass before.

Player Comparison

Again this is really weird to compare and offensive lineman to a tight end, but Sam Rengert is built exactly like Dylan Soehner. His style of blocking is comparable as well, which opens up some intriguing possibilities for his future role. As I said earlier I don’t believe at this time that Rengert would make a switch to tight end, but his style fits the model of Dylan Soehner if he did.


As an offensive lineman, Regnert fits Iowa State to a T. As I have said before on our 2020 offensive line recruits. Impact blocks at the second level are a huge key to Iowa State’s run scheme, and Rengert can do just that with his quick feet and ability to get off the line. His frame and size will give the coaching staff a ton to work with.

Final Verdict

Rengert is going to be a stash and develop player right away, especially given the depth on the line that Campbell’s staff has accumulated up to this point in his tenure. That’s not to say these guys aren’t great players, it’s just how good programs keep the wheels turning with their offensive lines. I think Regnert will make a great tackle for Iowa State, if that is indeed where they keep him. Give him a couple years in a college strength program and Iowa State has something they can really work with.