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The Mid-Morning Dump: MACtion in Ames

Ball State gets added to the Iowa State schedule

BALLIN OUT Iowa State added Ball State to the 2020 football schedule this morning

BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS Chris Hassell thinks Iowa State will go 5-0 now that Iowa is removed from the schedule, thanks Chris

MO’ MARLINS MO’ PROBLEMS The Marlins have now had 17 positives cases for COVID-19 as the MLB gets off to a rocky start.

NBA: THE B STANDS FOR BETS Check out who the experts have in their eastern and western conference finals, before putting down some money.

FIRST ROUND BOUND Before conference finals, here’s some compelling first round matchup possibilities.

WHO’S WHERE? Now that the NFL free agency, and contract negotiations have settled. Take a look at who ended up where for all 32 teams.

KYRIE DOING KYRIE THINGS Irving continues to be an outstanding human, regardless of what the Boston media said about him for two years. Go Nets.

OH NO OHTANI The highly touted double threat prospect had a tough first day on the mound this season after not seeing action for over a year due to injury.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK An all time summer jam by Montell Jordan, this is how we do it.