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The Mid Morning Dump: Hotter Than Heck

It’s steamier than a plate of Skip Bayless takes outside.

NO THANKS One Cy-Hawk game is good enough for me, but the potential for two in one football season already makes my liver hurt.

BRING IT HOME A former Cyclone basketball player will be making an appearance in the first basketball action since the pandemic.

HYPE TRAIN Who doesn’t love a little Brock Purdy hype?

SLOW NEWS DAY Not much ISU news is going around so enjoy some highlights from one of the best to ever do it.

A HERO Maya Moore put her basketball career on pause for a bigger cause and it was absolutely worth it.

FIRST LOOK AT THE NEW START It appears the NBA restart will be taking place in a venue similar to my friends wedding.

DELIVERING A MESSAGE It appears that major changes are to come for one of the NFL’s oldest franchises.

SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT Kemba Walker finally has a solid team around him for a playoff run as he looks to prove his ability.

KEEP THAT TANK ROLLIN’ The NBA’s best will fight it out in Orlando, but what about the leagues worst?