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Litecast: Ball State, Baseball, and Betting

Oh my!

It’s a loaded week and after a flurry of personal life updates, the Litecast crew is back. We open by breaking down Iowa State adding Ball State to the football schedule to replace a certain rivalry game. Plus the guys play some trivia to get to know our new opponent. Next, we discussed the first week of baseball season, including a “petty wars” style discussion of the Dodgers and Astros beef.

The NBA bubble has been heating up with the Lou Williams revelation and we were happy to try and sort out what it all means. And with the return of live games comes the return of the Moneyline segment, as the guys talk about what they’ll be betting on in the first couple days of games.

Last week also gave us 2 professional team names to discuss, the Seattle Kraken and the Washington Football Team.

Last but not least, this week’s Tweet Checks get into the Cubs bullpen and arrogant Kansas State fans. Enjoy!