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The Mid Morning Dump: Meaningful Basketball is BACK!

Joe Kelly has me interested in baseball now

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LINE EM UP KNOCK EM DOWN. Five star kicker Cole Becker received an offer yesterday from Matt Campbell.

SNAP BACK TO REALITY. Jamie Pollard says “expect games to be cancelled this year.”

BIG UPS. A happiest of birthdays to all time dunk machine Rashon Clark.

A GO GO GO. Big 12 Media Days are still happening, (even though virtually) and that could mean good news for the upcoming seasons.

STONKS GOING UP. OL recruit Drew Hoth has been making some noise.

TAKING NAMES. The NFL 100 dropped yesterday and Pat Mahomes came in at #4 two years running, here’s what pat had to say:

Probably wouldn’t want to be on that list.

FREE JOE KELLY. The Dodgers reliever was tagged with an 8 game suspension (equal to 22 in a normal season) for letting one fly at Alex Bregman and taunting Carlos Correa.

LOADED SLATE. The NBA returns tonight and there’s quite a few stars taking the floor:

THE FINALS. The Ringers Kevin O’Connor ranked the 7 teams who have a legit shot of winning an NBA title this year.

TALKIN’ HOCKEY. The Blackhawks released a statement yesterday about headdresses being worn at games.

YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY. In honor of the NBA restart: