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Litecast: Interview with Pick Six Previews

An awesome Iowa State football preview!

This week’s pod includes a great interview with Brett Ciancia, aka Pick Six Previews. His preseason college football book is out for 2020, and he was happy to share some thoughts on Iowa State. Brett’s advanced analytics tell you exactly what you needed to hear about last season, that the team was better than the final record indicated. Hear about his thoughts on Iowa State in 2020, the battle between Sam Ehlinger & Brock Purdy for top QB in the Big 12, and of course why Charlie Kolar was left off his preseason All-American teams. We did our best to prop up Brock Purdy’s Heisman campaign. Also, he forecasts us to be better than the TOE, especially with the TE group.

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But before that, Litecast crew did a review of Dylan & Ryan’s investigative report on Matt Campbell’s (fake) offseason activities. Then, a discussion on recent NBA news, a Brooklyn Nets minute, and a breakdown of the current championship odds. Find out who Austin, Ryan, and Dylan like between the current favorites (Lakers, Bucks, Clippers). And if you’re so inclined, the guys give some thoughts on longshot championship contenders. Finally, in a crazy week online, the guys bust out some Tweet Checks, where we review the craziest takes of the week, including dunking on Iowa fans, Mitch Trubisky, and Ben Simmons’ jump shot. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill as always for sponsoring!