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The Mid-Morning Dump: *Gestures at Everything*

College football is on fire.

BRIDGET CARLETON has been killing it for the Lynx since making her debut last week. Yesterday, she took Candace Parker to the rack.

Honestly, there’s not a lot of news specific to Iowa State, so let’s get to everything else.

BIG TEN GONE ROGUE After launching the first turd into the fan, the Big Ten is now trying to both be and not be the first one to cancel its season outright.

OVERWHELMING They also held a league-wide vote to see who wanted to play football, and only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play football this fall.

HOWEVER Not all of the Power 5 conferences are on board. The Pac-12 seems ready to follow the Big Ten, but the Big 12, SEC, and ACC all seem aligned in trying to have a football season.

OR MAYBE NOT? The Pac-12 might not be ready to pull the trigger yet.

NOT YET However, the Big Ten still hasn’t officially pulled the plug. Why?

NEVER MIND The Big Ten did pull the trigger and cancel their 2020 season, per the Detroit Free Press.

THE PLAYERS AREN’T HAPPY ABOUT IT EITHER College football’s biggest starts, including Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, have both taken a pseudo-leadership role in starting the #WeWantToPlay movement, as well as an apparent movement to start a players association.

IF WE DON’T HAVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL You better believe the NFL is ready to pounce.

BUT WE MIGHT HAVE FOOTBALL in the spring. At least that’s what this sort of implies.

TO THE RESCUE Some Dixie State football players saved a woman that was dangling from a rock.