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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football Chaos, Big Day in the NBA

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What a time to be alive


NEW TEAM WHO DIS. Iowa State has a new non-conference opponent.

NEW SCHEDULE WHO DIS. The Big 12 has a new schedule.

STUDENT IMPACT. How will the return of students impact football?

NBA PREDICTIONS. Today is a huge day in the NBA, so check out this rundown of what to expect.

NFL WITH FANS. Jerry Jones tells you how it might be done.

MASTERS WITH NO FANS. All 3 major’s will now be played fan-less.

UMASS COACH. This is just peak football, folks.

JOE KELLY, LEGEND. Joe had more choice words for the Astros and also managed to get his suspension reduced.

IS SPRING FOOTBALL POSSIBLE? Chad Hawkstikow explores the possibility here.

BIG 10 IN TROUBLE? If everyone else manages to play a full season, then yes.

IS NEBBY OUT? It might be bluster, but then again, it might not be.