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Playoff basketball, a sight for sore eyes

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PSA: IF YOU WANT FOOTBALL, DON’T DO THIS 8:01 day, the poor Greek version of VEISHEA, was heavily criticized after mass gatherings of college kids swarmed Ames the weekend before classes start.

IT’S GETTING RE-AL Former Iowa State QB Re-al Mitchell was cleared to play this season for his new team, the Temple Owls.

CLICKBATES Iowa State made the top 7 of a highly touted prospect who has offers from Kansas, Oregon, amongst other big names.

THERE’S SOME CLONES IN DA HOUSE All eight active NBA Cyclones are in the playoffs. Iowa State has the third most playoff players out of any universities.

SHOOTERS SHOOT Uhh.. I didn’t promise that all 8 would play great basketball in the playoffs, tough possession for Niang.

BAYWATCH BOAT CREW Blazers v. Lakers is a compelling first round matchup. Here’s a reason you probably didn’t know about.

PICK IT UP SPIDA Donovan Mitchell, who dropped 57 points in a losing effort, had a bizarre costly mistake down the stretch.

BUBBLE BLOG The Ringer’s extensive coverage on the NBA bubble continues to be some of the best NBA reading on the internet, check it out.

BLEEPIN’ SLEEPERS Football is still a fantasy for the Big 10 but it’s a reality for the NFL. Check out which sleepers are set for breakout performances.

DONT’CIC Loser Luka got a double double: 42 points and 11 turnovers. Clippers win.

BROOKLYN NETS MINUTE Meanwhile, a combo guard with a great feel for the game, great size and elite vision finished with 15 dimes. Go nets.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK To celebrate the Clippers great win, and the Nets great effort, one rapper from the west coast, and one from the east coast. 50 and The Game.