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Litecast: So What’s Going on with Football Now?

The Litecast makes it’s triumphant return from the derecho with a lot to talk about.

The Litecast returns after a derecho induced week off, and boy was there a lot to catch up on. Austin, Dylan, and verified journalist Jar_Lar are here to break down the most important topics, like the Eastern Iowa high school volleyball beat and how to endorse a product or not as a journalist. Oh yeah, and what exactly is going on with college football and the status of the Iowa State season? Spoiler alert: our hopes aren’t high with the COVID outbreaks on multiple campuses. But we also got a chance to dump on the Big Ten for pulling the plug without ever developing a plan. We promise we didn’t hear it from @SirYacht.

With that out of the way, the guys also had to discuss the beginning of the NBA playoffs, the Bubble awards, and if Dame Lillard is the most “must watch” player in the league now. And since our resident historian was on, we had to talk about some Iowa State playoff history. Jared was happy to oblige. For our first podcast with a real journalist, hopefully we kept it professional. Thanks as always to Es Tas for sponsoring!