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The Mid-Morning Dump: Don’t Luka Now, but Doncic is a Super Star

What a weekend in sports it was.


COMBO GUARD TOP 5. Iowa State is in it.

THIS IS GOOD. Campbell is happy with the play of the line thus far in camp.

LUKAAAAAAA. What a performance, what a shot.

LOWRY INJURED. The Toronto Raptor will undergo an MRI on his injured foot.

BATTLE OF 50-BURGERS. Jamaal Murray and Donovan Mitchell went at it last night.

DJ DOMINATION. Johnson absolutely lapped the field this weekend.

LET THEM PLAY. Big 10 parents are Big mad.

THE TWO WEEKS OF OUR DISCONTENT. What a disaster in Big 10 land.

SPORTS IN THE BUBBLE. What do playoffs in the bubble look like?

MLB CANCELLATIONS. There have been lots of canceled games in the MLB.