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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Rock Owns the XFL Now

Baseball in chaos, the Pac 12 is in shambles, everything is fine

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COVID CHALLENGES. Iowa State has them, and Jamie Pollard talked about them.

BOBANDY COLUMN. Randy doesn’t think anyone is in charge of college football, and he’s probably right.

NWB ON THE MOVE. The former ISU guard has a new team.

CHAOS IN THE MLB. Catch up on the ongoing changes in the MLB schedule.

NFL PLAYERS OPTING OUT. Find out if your team was affected with this running list of opt-outs.

WHAT IS WORKING, WHAT IS NOT. This article provides a nice summary of the tactics we’ve seen to date.

PAC 12 IN THE NEWS. Pac 12 players are threatening to sit out the 2020 season unless their 1800 some demands are met.

AND THE WASHINGTON STATE COACH DOESN’T LIKE IT. What is likely only the beginning of coaches and players being at odds with each other in that league.

THE ROCK OWNS THE XFL. That’s it, that’s the headline.

HOCKEY IS BACK. Since I know you didn’t watch any of it, here’s a recap.

NBA RESTART. I love how soon as a team plays poorly in the bubble, fans start saying the season isn’t real.

NBA POWER RANKINGS. If your team doesn’t stink, you might be interested in these power rankings.