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The Mid-Morning Dump: Beat Ball State... Some Other Year

Iowa State has to chop their non-conference schedule from 3 to 1.

TYRESE WATCH Replacing one Tyrese with another one is certainly a possibility. Keep an eye on his twitter today.

10 GAMES The Cyclones will have to ax two of their non-conference home games. No word on yet on which one they plan to keep.

BIRTHDAY BOYS Matt Thomas celebrates his birthday today after Naz Mitrou-Long’s birthday yesterday. Their horoscope: gettin’ buckets.

RACE FOR 8 The Grizzlies have left the door wide open for other playoff contenders.

SOR-UH-OH-KA Atlanta’s ace, Mike Soroka, is out for the year with a torn Achilles.

LOVIN’ NOBODY BUT YOU A closer look at the dynamic duo in Portland’s back court.

KAWHI WHO? Why the Raptors are still legit threats in the East without a true superstar.

MILK MEN Jeter claims that some Marlin’s players went out to buy some milk in Atlanta. Probably at the same place Lou Williams gets his chicken wings.

DORIS BURKE: GOAT Burke delivered this one liner last night and had NBA twitter rolling.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Brooklyn basketball is back, so let’s play some of Brooklyn’s finest. It’s all good baby baby.