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Litecast: Return of the Matt!

Football. Basketball. Baseball. Sports!

This week’s Litecast went a little longer than usual but with good reason, as CyHusker himself Matt Nelson made his triumphant return to talk brand new fatherhood, lack of sleep, and his daughter’s early impressions of special teams.

Now that the Big 12 has officially adopted the “9+1” scheduling model for 2020, we talked a lot about our expectations for Iowa State football this fall. We also broke down which non-conference game is likely to stay on the schedule, and how Iowa State may stand to benefit from the shortened season.

From there, we got to discuss the long-awaited return of the NBA and our early impressions of the bubble, and an honorary Brooklyn Nets Minute after the huge upset they pulled. We talk which teams have impressed, and which have left something to be desired, as well as what’s going on with Luka Doncic and Zion’s minutes restriction. The basketball talk naturally transitions to gambling, and the guys discuss the trends they are following with the NBA in full swing and baseball still happening at the moment.