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The Mid Morning Dump: TJ Warren needs a statue

He may be the best basketball player I’ve ever seen

WHAT A DEBUT by Bridget Carlton last night.

NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN, oh yeah remember this guy?

THURSDAY NIGHT MACTION is still alive and a good possibility for a non-con this fall.

WE ALL SAW IT COMING that TJ Warren and Devin Booker would be must watch t.v.

THE WILD WILD WEST eight seed is still up for grabs. Here’s six takeaways from the teams inside the Bubble.

AND THAT WAS THE GAME as Toews does it all to close out a win for the Blackhawks.

A LITTLE MARVIN GAYE AND CHARDONNAY — an inside look at the Bubbles unofficial wine club.

NCAA IN THE CROSSHAIRS once again as Big 10 players follow the Pac-12 in wanting more oversight and protocols for COVID measures before playing.

YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY — One of my favorite more modern covers.