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The Mid-Morning Dump: First of Tha Month

A highly anticipated 98.3 Vibe of the Week

TRANSFER U Former Memphis PG, Tyler Harris, was given the green light on the upcoming season. Big news for the Cyclones, as he’ll be the floor general throughout the season.

JAR LAR OS The machine itself took a go at documenting every Iowa State women basketball player to play professional sports. The word count on this baby alone is worth a gander.

IN JAMIE POLLARD WE TRUST Jamie Pollard announced 25k capacity for home football games a day after Ames topped the charts for highest COVID infection rate per capita in the country. Cyclone twitter got messy.

BUSINESS TRIP As families fly into the bubble, Jimmy Butler is all about his business. Ball is life.

PETTY In a petty man’s league, we’re living in the pettiest man’s world. CP3 and the Thunder force game 7, isn’t that right Robert Covington?

NFL PRE-TOP 100 The top 100 is basically just a good way to create off season talking points for sports daily shows about the NFL, but here’s a preseason ranking of the top 100 for the 2020 season.

LEONARD FOR-DA BEARS Fournette’s release comes about a week after David Montgomery’s groin injury, and the Bears could be looking for a new set of legs. Thanks Bears.

BIG JOHN John Thompson is a legendary figure in college basketball. Here’s a look at his legacy on and off the court for the golden age of the Georgetown Hoyas.

FANTASY DRAFT SZN The Ringer put together a kitchen sink guide to the upcoming fantasy football year, take notes.

DAME TIME Remember when Pat Beverly was laughing at Dame from the sidelines? Dame got the first laugh, and if I had to guess, he’ll probably find a way to get the last laugh too.

THE PURPLE COBRAS WRNL’s very own is doing real life journalism. Jar Lar will be your go to guys for all sports Keokuk county, and especially the Sigourney-Keota Cobras. No word on how good their dodgeball team is.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK A Tuesday finally landed on the first of ‘tha’ month, which can only mean one thing: Bone Thugs N Harmony. Take it away.