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The Mid-Morning Dump: If you forgot, we lost on Saturday

The world sucks, and I hate everything

I LIKE THE PAIN If you want to relive Iowa State’s season opener here’s the recap, and if you’re still looking for more, here’s the post-mortem and the Sun Big 12 power rankings

SUN BELT OVERLORDS The Sun Belt ran the Big 12 table on Saturday going 3-0. Yikes.

BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL I could honestly sift through twitter all day, and find accounts clowning us after game 1. I hope Matt Campbell has a big ass bulletin board.

NFL WEEK 2 Week 1 is in the book, and the NFL season is full steam ahead for week 2.

CAN’T HIT THIS Why Alec Mills is far from a likely candidate to throw a MLB no-hitter.

TALKIN TENNIS Move over Williams’ sisters, there’s a new dynamic duo in women’s tennis.

GAME 7 The Nuggets find themselves in their second game 7 of the post season, trying to punch a ticket to the western conference finals tonight.

ARCH-NEMESIS Marcus Smart is doing a lot for the Celtics, but he’ll get no credit from me. F’n floppers, man.

DA BEARS Whoever is doing social media for the Chicago Bears, they should be getting paid more than Mitch Trubisky.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK If this song doesn’t make you bop your head back and forth then I simply can’t trust you. This is top tier old school hip hop folks.