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WRNL eSports Championship Series Update: Week 1

Home cookin’!

Last Week

WRNL 2, led by our own David Braga, brings home the title in 3v3 Rocket League in the inaugural WRNL eSports tournament! Here’s the stream of the final (don’t mind the inaccurate stream title).

After getting out to a quick 3-0 series lead, College & Magnolia took Game Four to make it 3-1, but the good guys absolutely dominated Game 5 and capped off the series and tournament with a 12-0 beatdown to capture the championship and secure the 5 bonus points for WRNL in the season standings.

Season Standings

Being a more niche game, we didn’t have a full bracket and not every team accumulated points, but as we get further into the season, teams will have a greater opportunity to rack up points.

WRNL eSports Championship Series Standings

Position Team Point Total Tournament Wins
Position Team Point Total Tournament Wins
1 Wide Right & Natty Lite 82 2
2 Rock Chalk Talk 71 2
3 Corn Nation 37 0
4 Maize N Brew 37 0
5 Daily Stampede 29 1
6 College & Magnolia 27 0
7 Streaking The Lawn 20 1
8 Frogs O' War 12 0
9 Tomahawk Nation 11 0
- Big East Coast Bias 0 0
- Ralphie Report 0 0
- Hammer & Rails 0 0

This Week

This week kicks off the 2v2 COD: Warzone Tournament. Teams of two will drop in as a Quads squad. Most combined kills for each team of two wins the match. If the teams tie, the first tiebreaker goes to the team with the last surviving player. If somehow the squad were to win the game AND both teams recorded the same number of kills, the second tiebreaker goes to the team with the player that had the highest individual number of kills. If, miraculously, that is a tie as well, then tiebreaker goes to the school that has wronged Iowa State the least because this is my tournament and I make the rules a coin flip.