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This Week in GIFs: Louisana

The Cyclones are up Schitts Creek

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Louisiana? The Ragin’ Cajuns? This shouldn’t be too hard, right?

I mean, its the 23rd ranked Cyclones against the Cajuns, what could go wrong?

Kene Nwangwu found the end zone early in the second quarter.

Annnnnnd Louisiana immediately returned the ensuing kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown.

The Cyclones would do some more scoring with Breece Hall, and the Cajuns added a field goal before halftime.

The ball movement from the first half disappeared and ISU was stopped in the second half.

Louisiana hit a deep ball, ran a punt back for a touchdown, and bled the clock on the ground over several drives.

The ISU defense trying to stop the run in the 4th quarter was fun.

The Cyclone wide receivers having a horrible case of the drops sure didn’t help.

The ISU special teams had a horrific day as well.

Cyclone Twitter, predictably, was a disaster after the game.

And some were starting to worry about Matt Campbell.

Thankfully we have a bye week to come to our rescue.

ISU fans trying to stay optimistic about the season going forward like:

ISU fans watching Kansas and Kansas State on Saturday like:

At the end of the day, I guess you tip your hat to Louisiana for putting ISU away easily.