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The Mid-Morning Dump: B1G Football

The Big 10 finally decides to reinstate the football season.

FOLKS WE GOT BASKETBALL The NCAA decides that November 25th will be the starting date for college basketball games this year.

MAMA THERE GO THAT MAN Heisman Trophy winner Troy Davis celebrates his silver anniversary.

TWIG Check out CYHusker’s breakdown of what this week looked like in gifs.

JARLAR OS Ever wondered what Cyclone football players would be different cities and states? No need to worry, Jared has those answers!

RUN RUN PASS PUNT The Big 10 has elected to resume their season starting on the weekend of October 23 and 24. More football is more football I guess.

I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING Jon Lester leaves the field after what is likely his last start at Wrigley Field. The man didn’t get a standing ovation, but he deserved it more than anyone.

PLAAAYYYYSTATION Sony releases the price of the new PlayStation 5, as well as the release date.