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JUST KIDDING: We’re Not Going to Have Fans for the First Game

At least we can still drink.

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

In a quick reversal of decision, Iowa State has now announced via a media release that there will not be any fans allowed at the first home game against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns’. The decision stems Wendy Wintersteen’s decision to listen to community feedback regarding allowing fans into the games.

“Our department staff and I have worked very closely with Dr. (Wendy) Wintersteen and her leadership team throughout the summer as we jointly developed plans for this fall’s football season,” Iowa State athletics director Jamie Pollard said in the release. “Over the weekend, Dr. Wintersteen gave our working group the approval to move forward with the plans that were jointly development. Our department announced those plans on Monday, which included fans, who purchased season tickets, to attend the first game.”

Iowa has been climbing the charts over the last couple weeks, and is now one of the world’s biggest COVID hotspots, which prompted backlash from community members, especially on social media.

So apparently we aren’t going to have fans for the first game, and the future of having fans in the seats at all appears to be in question. If anything new comes out, we’ll keep you updated, but it appears as though this issue may be coming to a close for the moment.