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WRNL eSports Championship Series Update: Week 2

Choke job by the home team.

Last Week

Streaking The Lawn (UVA) takes the title in the 2v2 COD: Warzone tournament! Here’s the stream of that final round:

Levi and Matthias got team WRNL up 2-1 in a best of 5 series, but was unable to close the deal and take the title home. Streaking The Lawn tallies their first victory of the WRNL eSports Championship Series.

Season Standings

WRNL eSports Championship Series Standings

Position Team Point Total Tournament Wins
Position Team Point Total Tournament Wins
1 Wide Right & Natty Lite 82 2
2 Rock Chalk Talk 71 2
3 Corn Nation 37 0
4 Maize N Brew 37 0
5 Daily Stampede 29 1
6 College & Magnolia 27 0
7 Streaking The Lawn 20 1
8 Frogs O' War 12 0
9 Tomahawk Nation 11 0
- Big East Coast Bias 0 0
- Ralphie Report 0 0
- Hammer & Rails 0 0

This Week

Coming up next is the 1v1 MLB The Show single elimination tournament. It’s as simple as winning the full 9 inning game and moving on. The higher seed will get the home field advantage in the one game series. The tie-breakers will be decided by run differential, then hits, and if it comes to it, we’ll let the god of fate decide with a coin flip.