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The Mid-Morning Dump: Just Win Baby


IOWA STATE IS THE CURE Max Duggan was thought to be out for the season due to a heart condition and the risk of Covid. Duggan, as with most players on the IR, saw Iowa State on the schedule and decided he’ll give it a go.

DIAPER DANDY THT, former Cyclone, is the youngest NBA player in the bubble, and AD about ran him over after a game winning celebration. More about the youngest Laker.

WE’RE GOOD AT THIS Is 631/631 good? Also s/o to the athletic department for being extremely transparent about testing.

JACK TRICE SOUTHWEST Cyclone nation is under a year away from kickoff at this stadium v UNLV. Hubba, hubba.

HE’S BACK TCU QB Max Duggan is apparently available this weekend after previously being thought to miss the entire season due to a heart condition.

FLINT Home of Monte Morris, the city of Flint is a hoops hotbed. How the community is trying to preserve that tradition despite their circumstances.

THE VEGAS RAIDERS Get used to the name, and get used to winning. The Raiders shock the Saints in their home ‘opener’?

JUMPCAR Michael Jordan, the GOAT, has started a NASCAR team, alongside Denny Hamlin, for the upcoming season. His first driver? Bubba Wallace. (Yes I will be buying that merch)

RB3 Your fantasy football running back got hurt this week, (cuz they all did) here’s what to do next.

RUSS MVP WILSON Russell Wilson has looked absolutely unstoppable thus far, and near the opposite of Kirk Cousins, which is a good thing for Seahawks fans.

MY BROOKLYN NETS AD made a game winner over the weekend, but people forget the Lakers lost to a Spencer Dinwiddie led Nets in the last nationally televised NBA game pre-covid.

CA-WHO-SO? LeBron James, not the GOAT, didn’t know who Alex Caruso was when he signed with the Lakers. Don’t let Texas A&M fans know that, or they’ll come after you on the twitter’s. (Check the comments)

MID-MORNING DUMB In what might be a reoccurring segment for my dumps, the dumbest sports take I’ve seen on twitter in the last week: Here’s the first installment.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Wu-Tang Clan stand up! The best rap group in history. M E T H O D MAN!