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Litecast: TCU Thoughts and an Interview with Nolan Jensen (Nets Daily)

Plus, would you trade Mitch Trubisky for Kirk Cousins straight up?

It’s a full house on this week’s Litecast, as Matt Nelson returns to give his long-awaited takes on Iowa State’s special teams. The guys discuss what to expect from the team against TCU this weekend, and try to figure out what we’ll see from the Frogs.

Vikings fan Matt also has to come to terms with Kirk Cousins’ troubles to start the season, and if the idea of tanking for Trevor Lawrence is that crazy, plus some other thoughts on the NFL through 2 weeks.

We also brought back the Wide Right Moneyline segment with a full(ish) weekend of college football ahead of us. Find out who the guys are picking in the biggest SEC and Big 12 games of the week. Army-Cincinnati was our last big game to preview, and that naturally led to a discussion of the triple option, especially in small town Iowa football (thanks Jared).

This podcast ends by bringing the Nets Minute full circle, as Dylan sits down with Nolan Jensen from Nets Daily to talk about Steve Nash being Canadian, and if the Nets can be the villains of the league. And of course we can’t talk to a basketball mind without taking sides on the infamous Trae Young-Luka Doncic take. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for continuing to sponsor!