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The Mid-Morning Dump: Herro Ball

A rookie goes full Greg Jennings and puts the team on his back in a historic performance.

TOO EASY The Cyclones bring home both men’s and women’s Big 12 Runner of The Week honors.

BATTLE IN THE TRENCHES Matthias explains why Latrell Bankston is the defensive player to watch this week.

BELLY OF THE BEAST Jake and Matthias meet with Geoff Mitchell from Horned Frog Blitz to talk about this week’s game.

UNI ALERT According to JarLar OS, Iowa State is 1-1 when wearing this uniform.

RIP LEGEND Former alleged ISU commit and NFL legend Gale Sayers passed away at the age of 77 on Wednesday.

WALKING BUCKET Tyler Herro drops 37 off the bench in a game 4 win against the Boston Celtics, making for one of the greatest playoff performances for a kid who legally can’t crack a cold one yet. Heat up 3-1.

SMOKE EM’ IF YOU GOT EM’ The MLB banned alcohol in team celebrations this season, so the Tampa Bay Rays celebrated their first division title since 2010 by lighting up some cigars.

THERE’S ALSO HOCKEY ON Lost in the mess of baseball, basketball, and football, there is still hockey being played. The Lightning beat the Stars to take a 2-1 series lead. And that was talking hockey.