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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Win, NBA Finals Set, and the MLB Playoffs are Here!

What a weekend in sports

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PASSED THE TEST. If the Big 12 opener was a test, the Cyclones got a hard-earned pass.

SACK RECORD. Jaquan Bailey is an absolute monster, and is now the ISU leader in sacks.

IS OUT ANGRY NOW? They might be. Does it even matter?

PRIME TIME BABY. Iowa State faces OU this Saturday at 6:30 PM on ABC.

IS JOSH ALLEN GOOD? The answer is definitely probably.

MLB PLAYOFFS ARE HERE. No one thought they would even finish the season.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SAINTS? Drew Brees isn’t the same, and neither is their defense.

GOING TO MIAMI. Actually, it’s the Miami Heat going to the Finals.

END OF THE WENTZ AREA? Jalen Hurts is getting a serious look.

TRUPISKY DONE IN CHICAGO. How does the Bears GM still have a job?

WHAT A STORY. Apparently Joe Montana and his wife blocked a kidnapping attempt of a grandchild.

NFL WEEK 3. A lot of major storylines from this week.